1. JEHOSHAPHAT Sometimes some obscure people can teach us some pretty big lessons. The Old Testament has lots of these characters and this is the start of a series that should be an encouragement to ordinary people like us. This week we look at a king of Judah who didn’t have a clue what to do. Encouraged?

2. NEHEMIAH You may not know lots about Nehemiah but he sure accomplished lots with a little time and lots of help. God can use regular people to do fantastic things!

3. ELIJAH Elijah is known for a victory on Mount Carmel, a bunch of miracles and maybe for being taken to heaven in a chariot of fire. What about what happens in the gaps? He had challenges, like us.

4. CALEB  We generally do not like waiting for anything.  In fact, the more important it is to us, the less we want to wait for it.  Caleb had to wait a long time to get what God had promised to him for being faithful, but Caleb trusted in a promise keeping God so for him, it was all worth the wait.</p>

5. SERVANT GIRL Just a servant girl.  Obscure and unimportant it seems.  Yet God uses her in a chain of events that leads to a miracle happening.  Simple faithfulness and compassion leads to blessing.  That is a lesson we all should learn.

6. JOSIAH The list of good kings in Judah is a rather short one.  Josiah was one of them.  He had a life principle that make him successful before God.  It is the same lesson we all need to learn and do individually.  Not complex but not easy to do either.  Stay focused.

7. ESTHER God is always at work in us.  Perhaps the greatest truth we can learn from that thought is that God is preparing us for the next ‘big thing’ He has for us to accomplish for Him.  We may not understand it in the moment but looking back we can see how our life experiences can be used by God in powerful ways.  Esther was a beautiful young lady God had exactly where He needed her for a very specific mission if she would choose to accept it.

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